Makers of College Kings 2 explicit video game say it’s ’emotionally educational’

college kings 2

A new college sex-based video game – or visual novel, to be more accurate – has been released, with the makers claiming it is just as much about consent as getting virtually laid.

College Kings 2 was released on the Steam video game platform in April 2022, and a significant update and expansion is due for release on June 4. The game involves the player taking on the role of a young man embarking on life at the fictional San Vallejo College, and perhaps choosing to attempt to have large amounts of sex with female students.

The action is sometimes highly sexually explicit, although the characters and the virtual world they live in are digitally-rendered rather than using live action or ‘real life’ visuals.

The visuals are not dissimilar to those in the popular explicit sex-based virtual world 3DXChat, although the latter is generally more hardcore in terms of sex scene visuals.

As was the case for the original College Kings game, in College Kings 2 you make choices as you progress through college life, with your story unfolding based on those choices. Decisions can be about joining frat houses and fighting rivals, but the most vital choices seem to be about bedding various college girls.

The makers of the game claim that College Kings 2 is ‘choice-driven’ in more ways than one. Consent, they say, is a major theme.

A spokesperson for the game said: “When it comes to the world of adult entertainment, including adult visual novels, most users await a raunchy experience, with sex being the ultimate priority.”

screenshot 2022 05 23 at 15.10.25
A scene from College Kings 2

They added that “users choose personality types and find themselves navigating a realistic college experience, whereby sex doesn’t come immediately nor automatically. Instead, they must connect with characters in the game, find personality fits and, yes, consent is fundamental. As such, this game proves to be both fun and emotionally educational.”

As progressive as this statement sounds, College Kings 2 is a game very much devoted to the heterosexual male gaze. Potential female sexual partners tend to be slim, large-breasted women who tend not to wear much when on campus.

Despite some explicit visuals featuring in the game series, College Kings 2 has been accepted onto the Steam platform, although it is flagged as containing adult content.

Some sex-based games such as Super Seducer 3, which did not have explicit content but featured live-action footage of scantily-clad people in sexual situations, have been banned from Steam.

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