It’s been a year since we took a deep look into the tech behind Autoblow AI, but it’s finally available to purchase online, if what you are looking for is an artificially intelligent blowjob experience for just under $300.

After raising $755,000 this year through crowdfunding pre-sales, customers are clearly anticipating the newest AI oral sex experience. However, the Autoblow 2 received such negative feedback, we’ll be reserving all judgement until we’ve actually used it. Given that feedback, it’s not surprising the parent company Vieci tried to make it a little smarter.

During the machine learning process and deciphering 1,000 hours of blow job videos, 16 common oral sex techniques were discovered. The Autoblow AI offers 10 unique blow job experiences, and it has also been designed to introduce an element of unpredictability – with the inclusion of pauses designed to enhance the orgasm.

At $299.95, the Autoblow AI is going up against other high-end toys designed for penises, such as the Fleshlight Launch or Kiiroo Onyx2. As a limited launch offer, you can grab the Autoblow AI for just under $275.

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