DS Doll’s new 3D scanning process for dolls based on real-life models is crazily realistic

DS Doll Clone - Wanimal

If you’ve ever fancied an intimate liaison with a celebrity (and hey, who hasn’t?) then tech has moved one step closer to making it a reality.

Doll Sweet (better known as DS Doll) has announced that its new EX Doll range called ‘Clone’ will be based on performers, models and influencers, creating exact copies for your delight and intimate interaction – no VR headset required

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In itself that perhaps doesn’t sound very ‘cutting edge’, but unlike previous 3D scans, this is an entirely new process created by DollSweet, capable of replicating details down to the nearest 0.3mm.

dsdoll clone

The models are created using a wax-like silicone, which the company claims can last up to 50 years without losing its shape. Each model is created and perfected by five artists over 20 workdays.

First to get the treatment is Chinese model Jie, who has 270k followers on social media. She posed for photographs with snapper Wang Dong to allow Doll Sweet’s artists to then do their thing.

Jie may be the first, but there are already plans for more models to get the silicone treatment. The company is currently talking to “influencers, models and pornstars” that have over 500,000 followers and may be interested in being immortalized in silicone.

Doll merchant Silicone Lovers points out that this is just the start of the potential for clone dolls. Accessorizing with clothes, make-up, voice recordings and jewellery to the exact size and specifications to fit your plastic partner are among the ways that this could turn from a sextech gimmick into a huge industry.

There are a ton of ethical and legal questions, but let’s be clear: DS Dolls plans to licence likenesses and share profits, so no models are going to be fobbed off with just a light massaging of their ego. Today, we’re talking about sex dolls with a likeness to living people, but soon enough, it’ll be applicable to full sex robots too, which will again, pose yet more legal and ethical questions.

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