Erika Lust’s XConfessions app for couples comes to Android

XConfessions Android App

Due to the “immense success” of the Apple version, adult filmmaker Erika Lust has now launched the XConfessions app on Android.

The app allows users to swipe through sexual cue cards, and was designed for partners to talk more about their desires. You swipe right for suggestions you like, left for those you’re not so into and are notified when you and your partner’s choice matches (you can use the app with multiple partners, too).

It first launched on iOS in October 2018 and shares its name with the XConfessions channel on Lust’s site, which welcomes amateur performs to suggest – and star in – their own adult films.

The app had more than 25,000 active users just months after launching, with people reaching out to Erika online to say “how much the app has helped them to improve sexual communication with their partners” and “explore new fantasies”, according to the filmmaker.

In a post on Lust’s website, she said: “The weeks after the [initial] release was when I truly realised ‘Damn, I am on to something here.’ I think talking about sex is a delicate and often awkward endeavor for many adults, and especially women have internalised shame in having sexual urges and being a sexual being in general, which is why I wanted to create a tool to take some of the pressure of these conversations and instead turn them into something fun and exciting. “

Lust said that this popularity led her team to start work on an Android version of XConfessions straight after the iOS launch.

She added that her team has been combing through all user feedback received since the initial launch, and adding new fantasy cards daily.

The XConfessions app is free to download via the Google Play Store.

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