Toy designer Lora DiCarlo’s latest device, Onda, is now available to buy following a preview at this year’s CES event.

The Onda (meaning ‘wave’) joins Baci (meaning ‘kiss’) – both offer functionality from the Ose device, which caused a stir after the female-founded firm was awarded a CES 2019 Innovation Award, then banned from the event, had the award revoked… only to later be issued with an apology and had the award reinstated.

But where Ose was an eye-watering $290, the Onda and Baci are more affordable (we would’t say ‘cheap’), while offering the same cutting-edge tech.

Baci is a clitoral stimulator which the Lora DiCarlo says can mimic a pair of human lips and a tongue – but the bigger stir has been caused by an Onda, which can be fully-inserted before stimulating the G-spot with a finger-like touch which morphs from its surface in a ‘come hither’ motion.

Baci and Onda are still not the cheapest. At $170 and $190 respectively, it’d be cheaper to buy an Ose if you wanted the functionality of both – but if you want to go to town on one pleasure center over the other, and would rather not spend $300, these devices could be for you.

In many ways, the year of CES controversy surrounding the Ose has proven the adage that ‘there’s no such thing as bad’ publicity, allowing Lora DiCarlo to become a more widely-recognized brand in the minds of the industry, and potential buyers.

“We’re experiencing an unprecedented moment in which all of us must take advantage of every avenue we have to protect and enhance our mental and physical well-being,” said Lora Haddock DiCarlo, CEO, and Founder of Lora DiCarlo.

“Sexual health and wellness is health and wellness. The orgasm has never just been about sexual arousal, it plays a role in how people combat stress and can have far-reaching benefits from the boardroom to the bedroom”

You can order your Onda, Ose or Baci now from the Lora DiCarlo (Baci isn’t yet shipping but can be pre-ordered). Devices include a free 25-minute video tutorial session worth $45. too

We’ve got our hands on the Onda, so watch out for a full review in the coming days.

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