Adult game portal Nutaku now has a dedicated LGBTQ+ section

Nutaku LGBTQ+

Great news for LGBTQ+ hentai fans as Nutaku unveils brand new inclusive games with same-sex and transgender content.

The popular Canadian adult game portal is increasing its range of games for those who do not ascribe to heteronormative sexual desires.

As well as introducing new games, Nutaku’s entirely LGBTQ+ gaming section is a first of its kind for gaming platforms.

The site already hosted some LGBTQ+ sex games, but the queer gaming community is being catered to further with the release of a pair of new games that show the sites respect and inclusivity of all orientations.

In its first collaboration with queer site, Nutaku brings gay-mers Men Bang – a free browser-based game featuring animations depicting real-life gay porn industry stars like Ryan Bones, Paddy O’Brian, William Seed, and Beaux Banks.

“The adult games currently available to the LGBTQ+ community are low quality, so we saw an opportunity to improve the current content available to 18+ gamers,” Nutaku’s product manager, Ben Faccio, said. “We’ve been working to make our platform more inclusive, and this release is the first major step towards that goal.”

Men Bang is a dating sim gaming experience centred around disguise and seduction where you can take on the role of a casting agent, film director, masseur and many others to work your way to the top.

Alongside Men Bang, the hentai specialist is releasing Gay Harem, a casual action/adventure title offering up engaging, high-quality graphics from the makers of Harem Heroes. is one of the largest, legitimate game websites in the world dedicated to providing free-to-play and premium titles for adult gamers, so it’s great to see it leading the way for LGBTQ+ content.

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