RealDoll is giving away an $8k AI-equipped sex doll

RealDollX Competition

Pleasure doll maker RealDoll has launched a competition designed to showcase its latest models (in every sense) in the AI-powered RealDollX range.

“If you ever dreamed of experiencing the most technologically advanced AI driven robotic doll system, then look no further.”

“The RealDoll Ultimate Robot and Fan Experience Sweepstakes could help make that dream, a reality.” burbles its Instagram post, launching the competition.

The RealDollX range uses artificial intelligence (AI) to better respond to you, with more natural facial expressions and responses to touch being added in a future firmware upgrade (oh! the romance!). Facial recognition and spatial awareness are expected within two years, the company says.

Plus, if you get bored in the meantime, you can swap out your model’s head, just like Worzel Gummidge, except… well, not much like Worzel Gummidge really.

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If you fancy trying your luck, the top prize in the competition is a RealDollX of your choice. Second prize is an all-expenses trip to see the RealDoll factory, with $500 in “fun money”. There are “hundreds” of other, smaller prizes, the company says. We’re hoping that doesn’t mean severed artificial limbs arriving in the mail.

Currently, the RealDoll factory is closed, so there might be a delay on delivering the prizes for now. The company is taking the current global situation seriously, recently confirming that “all RealDolls are made from Platinum Grade Silicone and are naturally antibacterial and nonporous.” – basically implying that your new friend won’t give you Coronavirus.

But, be warned. Following the launch of the new season of HBO show Westworld, AI expert Dr Ian Pearson has suggested to the fear-mongering Daily Star that AI-powered sex robots could eventually have brains as complex as their human masters and become uncontrollable. Fortunately, it’s not likely any time soon, so it’s probably safe to enter the competition.

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