Twitter vs OnlyFans? Musk plans monetization for ‘all forms of content’

Twitter creator monetization

Elon Musk has announced that Twitter creator monetization will be available for “all forms of content”, leading to an expectation among many that porn monetization will soon be facilitated on the social media site.

New Twitter owner Musk suggested that more fulsome details would be announced in mid-November 2022. Twitter is currently the only major global social media platform to allow porn, but adult content cannot currently be directly monetized on the site, despite the company formerly exploring the option before ditching it over child exploitation fears.

Having already announced that Twitter will charge users $8 a month for a ‘blue tick’ verification badge, Musk is exploring further ways to diversify income on his newly-acquired platform. By allowing users to sell access to exclusive porn content such as images and videos, the site could potentially compete with OnlyFans as the world’s primary creator-led monetized porn hub.

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The site is working on a Paywalled Video function, according to The Washington Post. The function will allow users to charge for access to videos and has reportedly been flagged within Twitter as having a risk of “creator/user trust issues, and legal compliance”.

Twitter is also working on a “paid DMs” (direct messages) function, reported tech researcher Jane Manchun Wong. Such a function could theoretically work similarly to a ‘fan’ and cam sites that allow performers and creators to charge money in order to exchange messages online.

Before Musk bought Twitter the platform was trialing a Super Follows function, which allows users to charge money to access exclusive ‘bonus tweets’ created for them.

Allowing porn monetization online can often be legally and ethically fraught, with major credit companies often refusing to work with adult content-focused businesses. Age and consent verification rules make ensuring that porn is uploaded legally tough.

Responding to Musk’s announcement about allowing monetization for “all forms of content”, anti-porn campaigner Laila Mickelwait responded by saying that it will “inevitably include child and adult sex trafficking” without a robust age verification system in place.

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