Kiiroo Pearl3 review: Interactive G-spot stimulation for long-distance connection



Kiiroo Pearl3 review: Interactive G-spot stimulation for long-distance connection
Kiiroo Pearl3 review: Interactive G-spot stimulation for long-distance connection
Kiiroo Pearl3 review: Interactive G-spot stimulation for long-distance connection
Surprisingly affordable for the quality
Ergonomic design, comfortable to both hold and insert
High-quality, body-safe materials
Lots of exciting bonus features
Strong and powerful motor

Amidst the astronomical rise of app-controlled and remote sex toys in recent years, certain industry names pop up again and again. One of those sex tech giants is Kiiroo, famed for products such as the Esca, Fuse, Lumen, and Onyx+.

Kiiroo’s latest toy for folks with vulvas is the $129 Kiiroo Pearl3, described as “the world’s most technologically-advanced G-spot vibrator.” It’s a lofty claim, but how did the toy stack up in practice?



Design and FeaturesHand over control

The Kiiroo Pearl3 is the latest addition to Kiiroo’s Pearl line, replacing the Pearl2+. It is a G-spot vibrator measuring just under 8″ in total length and 1.53″ in diameter at the widest point. It weighs a modest 139g and is coated in 100% high quality, soft and body-safe silicone. The Pearl3 is also completely waterproof.

The Pearl3 boasts several impressive high-tech features including touch-sensitivity, remote control capabilities from anywhere with an internet connection via the FeelConnect app, the ability to sync with six different interactive adult content sites, and virtual reality capabilities via some of the top VR porn platforms (you’ll need mobile VR glasses for this.) And for sex workers, Kiiroo’s webcam feature works with numerous platforms and allows performers to hand control of the toy over to their fans in exchange for tips.

The Pearl3 has a number of notable upgrades from its predecessor. The touch plates have been improved and extended, making the toy more responsive to touch. The contours on the underside of the toy are also a new addition and designed to transmit vibrations directly to the G-spot for more targeted pleasure.

The Pearl3’s battery life is now an impressive 3 hours (for 3-3.5 hours charging time), allowing for extended or multiple play sessions without needing to pause for a recharge. This is more than double the battery life of previous iterations of the Kiiroo Pearl.

The Pearl3 is currently available in two colours, pale pink or bright purple. Retailing at $129, it is far more affordable than many competing products and impressively well-priced considering the number of features on offer.


In-useGetting comfortable

There are several different ways to use your Kiiroo Pearl3. You can use it manually, enjoy the touch-sensitive technology, sync it to your favourite online content, or give your partner control from their phone or Kiiroo device from anywhere in the world.

All the Kiiroo Pearl3’s manual controls are operated via the single button interface. Pressing it once switches the toy on for Bluetooth pairing, pressing again takes you to touch-sensitive mode, and subsequent touches allow you to scroll through the inbuilt vibration patterns.

The Pearl3’s vibrations are impressively powerful and moderately rumbly. This was a really pleasant surprise as so many manufacturers of high-tech toys focus exclusively on cool features and forget about the basics, such as a good motor. It’s not exactly whisper-quiet, but the noise level is perfectly reasonable for a toy of this level of power.

The Pearl3’s shape is excellent. It is comfortable and ergonomic to hold, and the gentle curve targets the G-spot perfectly. If I have one criticism of the overall design, it’s that I would have liked the raised contours on the underside to be located just slightly higher up the shaft. On my body at least, they don’t quite sit in the right spot unless I insert the toy further than is comfortable.

Though this toy is designed primarily for the G-spot, its shape and texturing is fantastic for clitoral play, too. Add a little water-based lube, and the contours feel amazing when moved back and forth against the vulva.

Manual Use

The Pearl3 has three inbuilt steady vibration speeds and two patterns. It’s a little annoying having only one button so that you can’t go backwards to a setting you like and must scroll all the way through them again instead. The button is also smaller and harder to press than I would ideally like.

The Pearl3 is fine for manual use but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend buying it for that purpose. It really comes into its own when you bring the various additional features into the mix.

Touch Sensitive Mode

The touch-sensitive plates are located along the back of the toy and respond to any kind of contact from your body. This means that if you insert it, it will respond to the pressure of your vaginal walls and vibrate as long as it is inside you. If you are using it externally (for clitoral stimulation, for example), you or your partner can control the vibrations by touching the back of the toy.

One really cool feature here is that the touch-sensitivity isn’t simply on/off. Instead, more contact equals more vibration. Try touching it with one, two, or three fingers to enjoy different levels of power literally at your fingertips.

If discretion is important to you (for example, if you have family or roommates at home), the touch mode is ideal because it allows you to stop the vibrations instantly simply by removing contact from the toy. No fiddling around with buttons necessary!

App Connectivity

The FeelConnect app is available for free on both Android and iOS. Downloading it and setting up a free user account takes no more than a couple of minutes and once you’ve logged in, you can add a toy by clicking the + button in the top right and then tapping “device.” Don’t forget to put your toy into Bluetooth mode and turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, too.

Connectivity was quick; my toy was connected and responsive within a few seconds. Once you’re logged in and set up, you have a number of options.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship or just temporarily apart from your partner, you can connect from anywhere in the world by adding them via their username. They will also need the app to allow for this. Once you’re connected, you can chat, video call one another, or give them control over your toy for a sexy long-distance play session.

Overall, the long-distance responsiveness is good. It connects quickly and works reliably, responding in almost real-time to my partner’s input from their end.

You can also use the “Touch Control” feature to control the vibrations with a swipe of a finger, connect to another local device if you have one (for example, a partner’s toy when you are in the same space), use the “Clap Control” function to have your toy respond to claps, or create custom patterns of vibration.

I found the Touch Control feature disappointing. The responsiveness was poor, with a noticeable gap between inputting instructions and the toy responding. Sometimes it did not respond at all. For that reason, unless the app has an update to fix these issues I’m unlikely to use that feature again.

The last time I tested a toy using the FeelConnect app, the Bluetooth connectivity was quite problematic and kept dropping off. I’m pleased to say that this problem seems to have been fixed in the interim as this time, the connection was steady and stable.

With Online Content

If you’re someone who enjoys watching erotic content online, you can sync up your Kiiroo Pearl3 so that it vibrates along with what’s happening on the screen. This is a really fun way to enjoy a more immersive experience, allowing you to get completely absorbed in a fantasy as you play.

Connecting is easy. In the app, click the “Content” button on the app homepage where it prompts you to choose how you want to connect your toy. You will then be presented with the options to either scan a QR code or enter a unique connection code from the content you want to watch.
If you have a VR headset, you will need to follow the instructions to set up your headset and then connect to content in the same way.

As interactive and VR porn is a relatively new phenomenon, most of the available content is fairly mainstream. If you’re into more niche kinks and fetishes, you may struggle to find content that speaks to you at this stage. As these technologies grow in popularity, though, it is likely that a wider range of content will be available.


VerdictIs the Pearl3 worth buying?

As is so often the case with high-tech toys, this is one that really does require you to make use of at least some of its additional technological features to be worth the price. If all you’re after is a basic G-spot vibrator, you can get a good one for half as much money.

But if you’re after something offering a little more bang for your buck, the Pearl3 is an innovative toy with several excellent features and a diverse array of use-cases. I most recommend this one for new tech enthusiasts, those in long-distance relationships, online sex workers, and fans of interactive and VR adult content.

Kiiroo Pearl3 Review Rating

8.8Expert Score
Surprisingly affordable, and highly capable

Proclaimed as the world’s most tech advanced G-spot vibrator, the Kiiroo Pearl3 costs $129 and sits alongside Kiiroo’s other teledildonic products, allowing you to connect to other devices from anywhere in the world. It’s, clearly from its name, the third in a line and brings with it a more powerful motor and longer-lasting battery than previous iterations.

Ease of Use
  • Surprisingly affordable for the quality
  • Ergonomic design, comfortable to both hold and insert
  • High-quality, body-safe materials
  • Lots of exciting bonus features
  • Strong and powerful motor
  • Requires use of additional features to enjoy to its full potential
  • Responsiveness of in-app “Touch Control” feature is poor
  • Manual mode is quite limited in functionality
Pink, Purple, White
App, Built-in
App, Built-in
Fully Waterproof

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