Ruby Glow Blush review: Multifunctional saddle-wand vibrator hits multiple spots



Ruby Glow Blush review: Multifunctional saddle-wand vibrator hits multiple spots
Ruby Glow Blush review: Multifunctional saddle-wand vibrator hits multiple spots
Ruby Glow Blush review: Multifunctional saddle-wand vibrator hits multiple spots
Good remote connection
Easy to use
Multifunctional Ridges offer a lot of variety

Since the launch of the Ruby Glow Dusk back in 2016, manufacturer Rocks Off and erotic writer and sex toy designer Tabitha Rayne have been busy creating the Ruby Glow Blush, a combo wand and saddle ride-on toy, which the company claims is the first of its kind.

Like the Dusk, when in its cradle (the charging compartment), the Blush can be sat on and ridden. Other grinding toys do exist, such as the Enby by Wild Flower, Starfish by Cute Little Fuckers, Bump’n Joystick, Bumpher, and Whim by Pelle. These are all much more affordable and portable than bigger ride-on toys like the Sybian or Motorbunny.

The £89.99 Blush’s multifunctional upgrade has been billed it the first of its kind—to be used externally as well as internally.

Ruby Glow Blush: Design

In the box you get the cradle, the wand, the remote, and a USB charging cable. The USB charging is also an upgrade from the battery powered Dusk, making it more eco-friendly, and likely to last longer too.

The look and feel of the toy is quite sleek, but also playful with its ridges and bumps. It comes in a seductive red, as is regularly opted for when a company wants to bring a touch of class to a sex toy.

On first glance, the cradle looks like it could possibly break under the weight of me, however the ABS plastic feels sturdy enough.

The wand part is made from body-safe silicone. And the remote similarly matched with a combo of soft silicone and ABS plastic. You can use the remote control up to a 15-meter range, making it a great toy for a partner to control at your mercy.

The buttons are on the wand, which means you’ll have to take it out of the docking station and replace it if you want to sit on it – but you can then use the remote to control the Ruby Glow Blush.

There are magnetic charging points on the cradle, wand, and remote control. The wand is waterproof, allowing for easy cleaning, and shower and bath use.

Ruby Glow Blush: Rating

8.1Expert Score
A versatile remote-control ride-on toy

The Ruby Glow Blush is a remote-controlled multifunctional wand and ride-on sex toy, designed for stimulating vulvas, and anuses. The retail price at the time of review was £89.99.

Ease of Use
Feature Set
  • Good remote connection
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Multifunctional Ridges offer a lot of variety
  • Bit uncomfortable if sat on for too long
  • Not rumbly enough
  • Loud vibrations when sat on
Ruby Glow Blush
Ruby Glow Blush review: Multifunctional saddle-wand vibrator hits multiple spots
Deep Red
Deep Red
Wireless Remote
Wireless Remote
Fully Waterproof, Wand-only
Fully Waterproof, Wand-only
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The ridged design offers pinpointed external stimulation on the clit, the entrance to the vagina, the perineum, and the anus. The vibrator section has two vibrating motors, the front ‘higher’ end is designed to stimulate the clitoris, while the middle hump applies pressure to the vaginal opening as you ride.

Similarly, when taken out of the cradle, the wand can be used externally to massage the clitoris, the entrance to the vagina, the perineum, the anus, as well as internally massage the G-spot or the inside of the anus. The flared design allows it to be inserted into the anus safely without fear of getting lost (and an unexpected trip to the emergency room).

When sat on the toy is held in place by the pubic bone. The saddle allows for accessible pleasure for people with mobility issues, those with weak wrists, or people who can’t reach their genitals.

Each motor has ten vibration and speed patterns that you can flick through, using the remote or the buttons on the wand.

Ruby Glow Blush: In Use / Experience

On my first use, I immediately enjoyed the thrill of sitting at my desk with a vibrator underneath me. I’d used the seated Dusk before, but that was a few years ago. It has, unfortunately, been gathering dust in my drawer—simply because I hadn’t bothered to replace the batteries, so it’s a blessing that this version is rechargeable.

Back to the Blush. The remote was a great addition to the toy, and had no trouble connecting (which I’ve not found in all remotely-connected devices). You simply turn the toy on by holding down one of the buttons, and turn the remote on in the same manner, and voila, you’re ready to ride.

I skimmed through the various patterns and speeds, settling on a steady and low rhythm to start me off. Grinding on my chair as I got to work. The ridges and bumps offered some vulva and anal massage. I noticed the front bump stimulated my clitoris with a lower bassier vibration, something I really appreciated as low and slow is my preference—as this creates a longer build up of blood flow and arousal, giving stronger orgasms.

However, through my clothes it was maybe too much of a low and slow build up, as I could feel the vibrations, but they weren’t very intense and became a little uncomfortable to sit on for a long period of time.

The pressure of sitting on the ridges became uncomfortable after around 15 minutes, while not being mentally aroused and drafting this review. It felt like wearing a chafing pair of jeans.

Mental note for next use: try with thinner or no clothing. Perhaps my second mistake was not turning my mental arousal on simultaneously too. The idea behind the seated vibrator was for erotic writers to have something to ride to as they wrote.

Nevertheless, I succumbed to the idea of introducing some erotic mental stimulation and a different position. Thank you, multifunctionality.

So I got off the chair, removed the wand from its cradle, lay on my bed, put something fun on to watch and… the new sensation was very much welcomed. I enjoyed holding the wand, caressing my body with the different bumps and ridges over my different erogenous zones. Now I could feel the silicone on my skin, it was like Pavlov’s dog, and my body knew what was in store.

Using the wand internally was a little intense on my G-spot, which may have been to do with not feeling aroused enough in the first place. However, I did enjoy the fact that the ridge vibrated the entrance of my vagina and clitoris simultaneously.

In my second attempt, I made the excellent decision of riding the toy while writing erotica like Tabitha recommends, and the experience was fruitful to say the least! At first, I wore thin trousers, but a few minutes in, they quickly came off. Removing clothing meant that I could feel the soft silicone and each ridge work its magic on the different points of contact.

The build-up was still slow, but much more comfortable, and even after climax, it remained comfortable to sit on with the vibrations for some while after – and if I was feeling greedy, I could have gone again for a second round.

Sound-wise, the vibrations aren’t super quiet, so sadly I wouldn’t recommend using this in a public setting, but it is still fine for WFH, or indeed, playing at home.

Ruby Glow Blush: The Verdict

Knowing this toy can be used in multiple ways, depending on your mood, and what you want from the experience—whether it’s just external, just internal, or a bit of both—gives it a big win from me. Like most toys though, there’s a bit of trial and error, but thankfully, most of you can learn from the mistakes of the reviewer, such as wearing thin or no clothes, and making sure your erotic mind is ready for the ride too!

While the vibrations were not as rumbly as say the Je Joue toys that offer very low frequency vibrations, the Blush is better than most.

If you’re worried about not getting any work done… then maybe this isn’t the toy for you! However, for those looking to spice up their WFH, riding the Blush could be a great asset to your stationery collection. In fact, it looks like it would sit nicely next to a stapler. Similarly, anyone looking to get a multi-functional vibe at under $100/£100 would do well to consider it too.

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