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Hot Octopuss Plex with Flex review: A flexible anal vibe with dual motors and remote control

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7.2/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #60 in category Reviews

Originally known for its medical-inspired toys that use “Pulse Tech” for penis stimulation, Hot Octopuss has been expanding its range of sex toys with more toys for couples and vulvas, and now it’s introducing its first toy for butts, Plex with Flex.

Following the brand’s G-spot vibrator, the Kurve, this remote controlled anal vibrator offers dual-motor “Treble and Bass” technology for a choice of vibration types. While the Plex with Flex can be used by anyone with a butt, it is additionally curved for added P-spot stimulation for those with a prostate.

In terms of pricing, Plex with Flex sits around the middle mark of smart anal vibrators costing $99.95, finding itself bang in between Kiiroo’s $69.99 Lumen and We-Vibe’s $140 Vector, and sits comfortably alongside Lovehoney’s $99.95 Desire.



Design & Functionality

Simple does it

The packaging is on-brand for Hot Octopuss. Dark and—‍as this toy is for anyone who enjoys butt play—‍ it avoids gender-specific marketing (“men, women, and everyone in between”).

The toy itself is black chrome, and shaped with a smooth bulb. You’ll also find a few other items in the box, including:

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A small square remote control with four buttons (treble and bass, power button, and volume control)
A silky black travel pouch
Instruction booklet
USB pin charging cable
a mini screwdriver (to open the back of the remote, in order to activate the battery)
plex with flex 4

It’s a pretty good size for people who’ve already started exploring anal stimulation, sitting somewhere between a finger, and a penis or dildo. It is 5.5-inches in length, with about 5 being insertable, and 1.7-inches at its widest insertable point.

The base is 2.3-inches wide, making it a perfect flared base for anal play. Remember: don’t put anything in your butt without a flared base as things can easily get lost up there.

It weighs 154g, which according to Google, is the same as a mini tin of Heinz Baked Beans. Make of that what you will, and do not check the weight by inserting Heinz Baked Bean cans up your ass. I believe it is enough weight to feel like something is inside of you, but not too heavy that it’s uncomfortable.

Though it lacks Bluetooth, like many of the other smart butt vibes on the market that offer phone/smart device app control, such as the Lumen and the Vector, it does have a small remote to be used for local control (by you or a partner, it’s up to you).

OhMiBod Lumen App Controlled Butt Plug Powered by Kiiroo

as of June 14, 2023 1:54 pm

We-Vibe Vector App and Remote Controlled Rechargeable Prostate Massager

as of June 14, 2023 1:54 pm

Hot Octopuss says the toy runs for one hour after a three hour charge (you should do this before first use ready for when you are raring to go. And while the toy is fully waterproof, the remote control is not. Meaning any shower or bath play will have to be controlled manually via the buttons on the toy itself, or by a partner not in water.

The two motors offer a combination of settings. With the “Treble” sitting at the tip of the toy, and the “Bass” at the base, you have the choice of five different vibration patterns, and five different speeds.

Akin to the We-Vibe Ditto, the Plex with Flex has a flexible base, allowing for 90 degree bend in any direction. Hot Octopuss says that this allows the toy to “move with your body no matter what you get up to, making it super comfortable to wear.”


Plex with Flex IRL

The experience is everything

In preparation for any anal play, a few things one has to bear in mind. Is my body relaxed enough? Is my rectum empty enough? And do I have the right lube to hand? These things are all easily made possible by creating a calming space for pleasure, either emptying bowels or inducing a movement with douching around 45 minutes before play, and having some water or oil-based lubricant to hand.

What would have been really helpful is a sachet of lube with the toy, but I luckily had a water-based lube already. Water-based can dry out quickly and needs reapplying for longer sessions, whereas oil-based can last much longer. Be cautious of using silicone-based lubricants with silicone-based toys as this can damage the toy and make it unsafe for use. Our sister-site has a handy guide to which lube you should you on which toys, if you need some guidance.


Try with a Partner

A partner is not essential

After preparing with some simple douching and relaxation, we turned on the Plex by pressing the side button and activating both motors manually. To start, I let my partner use the vibrations to stimulate my various erogenous zones before diving straight into the deep end.

Frustratingly, however, when I was ready to explore the anal side of things, we hit a small road block: the remote. We tried to connect the toy to the remote control, and found it just wasn’t connecting. The instruction manual said to put the toy in pairing mode and hold down the remote button for 2 seconds, but unfortunately, it simply wouldn’t connect.

As we wanted to get down to business, we decided to give up trying to configure the remote and continued to control the toy manually. We flicked through the volumes and patterns, and settled with a steady purring of the more rumbly bass motor, as that is what I’m used to enjoying when using clitoral toys.

With plenty of lube and arousal levels back on track, we were ready to go. Having used smaller butt plugs before I’m aware that pushing against the tip allows it to go in easier. However, while the toy looks relatively small, its 1.7-inch diamter and firm bulbous tip meant that it took some time to go in.

Once it was in, with the remote not working, there wasn’t much chance to play with the settings and we weren’t able to enjoy the power dynamics that the remote could have afforded us, such as teasing and edging.

Even though I don’t have a prostate, I found that I was still able to experience the pin-pointed stimulation that the curved tip offers. As my partner spun the toy around, I could feel the angle hitting different parts of my rectum. It didn’t feel good facing the back, but forward facing was enjoyable as I sensed the curved tip facing my vaginal wall, G-spot and back ‘legs’ of the clitoris. Based on this, I imagine the pressure from the curve would feel pretty good on a P-spot too.

Due to the large base, my partner was able to hold and thrust the toy, which added to the experience, and with some additional clitoral stimulation, I enjoyed a climax (or butt-gasm as my partner called it) that was enhanced by the muscle contractions around the toy’s rumbling vibrations.

The “bass” motor was enjoyable even after orgasm, and we kept the toy in for a while longer during some extended sexual play before taking it out.

As I felt more relaxed at this point, the removal was fairly comfortable.


Ridin’ Solo

Getting comfy and going steady

This time round, I thought that maybe the remote would work this time. Unfortunately, it was still a dud, and requested a new one.

Now on my own, I was able to play around with the different vibrations with a bit more care and attention. The treble is (as you’d expect) higher pitched frequency with more buzz, while the bass motor creates deeper rumblier vibrations. This allowed me the choice between the two.

I chose a steady vibration rhythm pattern, put both motors on a medium setting, and settled in to a comfortable position lying on my front, leg cocked up at a right angle.

With the copious amount of lube I used for this toy to ensure the bulb went in with as much ease as possible did mean that once it was in, exploring the patterns and settings became difficult due to the slipperiness of the buttons.

However, I did manage to flick through and found that the highest setting on both motors was ideal and not too intense. It seemed I need as much sensation in this area compared to my sensitive clitoris that prefers rumbling and slow vibrations.

As I became more aroused and wanted additional clitoral stimulation, I found that changing positions from lying on my front to lying on my back was comfortable, which I enjoyed due to the toy’s flexible neck.

Hot Octopuss claims the noise is less than 55 dB, which I discovered was a good volume for discrete play so as not to disturb my housemates, and perhaps even for those who might want to use this in public. I found even the strongest vibration settings much less quiet than the other vibrator I used in tandem for clit stimulation.

The result? Two handsfree butt-gasms and a happy reviewer. However, this time around, I found that perhaps I was not relaxed enough and the bulb shape was a bit too big for me, making removal a bit painful on exit.


Third Time’s the Charm

We were unlucky before

Hot Octopuss was kind enough to send over a new product, and this time the remote was fully functional.

To turn it on, I put the toy in pairing mode by pressing the side button on the toy, and held down the remote on button for 2 seconds. The thrill I felt when the toy started to jump in my hand!

It’s safe to say I enjoyed my latest play with the remote control as I used it to flick through the settings and switch up the patterns and speeds creating new sensations throughout. I’m now looking forward to using this with my partner in a power play scenario in the near future.


The Verdict

Is the Plex with Flex worth buying?

So how does this flexible, dual-motor, remote controlled butt vibrator measure up? Well, other than the initial lack of remote control, the experience was good. Not mind-blowing, or earth-shatteringly good, but just pretty good. Will I be using it again? Sure. Will it be closest to me on my bedside shelf, probably not. But I look forward to the remote control aspect and variety of vibrations for when it does make an appearance.

7.2Expert Score
Good for a butt beginner

I’d most recommend this remote controlled, dual-motor, bendable anal vibrator for anyone who is be working their way up from fingers to larger penetration such as a cock or a dildo in their ass. Or, indeed, for those looking for some gentle prostate stimulation thanks to the curved tip. It costs $99.95 at the time of review.

However, if you’re looking for more intense and direct prostate stimulation, you might want to check out the Lovehoney Desire or the We-Vibe Vector.

Hot Octopuss Plex with Flex
Double motors for double the pleasure, putting you in control of endless combinations of intense Treble and rumbly Bass vibrations.
$79.95 $99.95
Hot Octopuss Plex with Flex review: A flexible anal vibe with dual motors and remote control
Priced at $99.95 at time of review.

Ease of Use
  • Comfortable flexible design
  • Good variety of vibrations
  • Well-priced
  • Difficult on insertion
  • Relies on remote for ease
  • Remote not waterproof

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