Sony Playstation VR2 headset will ship in February 2023, and cost $550

PS VR2 Launch Date and Price

Sony has announced that pre-orders for the company’s forthcoming Playstation VR2 virtual reality (VR) headset and controllers will open on November 15, 2022, with the device set to be released on February 22, 2023.

The highly-anticipated set pairs with the Playstation 5 console and will sell in the US for $550.

Sony has said that it expects over 20 video game titles compatible with the VR2 to be available when it launches. Jurassic World Aftermath, Crossfire: Sierra Squad, Zenith: The Last City, Tentacular and Cosmonious High are among the VR2-friendly titles in the works.

The Playstation VR2 features eye-tracking technology that detects and follows your vision, and reflects your eye movements in the game you’re playing. There is also high emphasis on haptic feedback, with both the headset and the ‘Sense’ hand controllers providing feedback to the wearer.

The headset has a 110-degree field of view, while the handsets have finger touch detection for sensitive tactile interaction. A charging station for the Sense controller, costing $49.99, will also go on sale, while the headset charges from the Playstation 5 console via a USB connection.

The announcement comes shortly after Meta announced the forthcoming release of its Meta Quest 3 VR headset. It is expected to come out in 2023 and be priced at around $400.

Apple is also rumored to be working on a VR headset, although details about any of its forthcoming devices in the VR field have not yet been forthcoming.

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