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VRLatina review: Decent scenes, but plenty of room to improve

VRLatina review

VRLatina is one of those websites that does what it says on the tin: in this case, it offers VR porn content exclusively featuring Latina women. It’s unashamedly catering to a specific niche, which is no bad thing – although it will by definition limit the appeal to those who aren’t interested in Latina adult VR scenes.

But for those who are, does it hold up? Just offering niche content alone isn’t enough to carry a service, particularly when competitors such as SexLikeReal, VRBangers, Wankz, etc. are so polished. 

This review is in the process of being rewritten, as the site has significantly changed since it was first published. The current scene count and pricing is still updated regularly.

VR Latina: Quick Stats

Feature Overview

  • Update Frequency: 4
  • Scenes: 228+
  • Max Resolution: 8K
  • Angle(s): Array
  • Performers: 118
  • Avg. File Size:
  • Teledildonic Scenes:
  • Includes Non-VR: 1
  • Language(s): Array
  • Launch Date:

Pricing & Deals

  • Per Month: $14.99
  • 3 Months: $24.99
  • 6 Months: $
  • 12 Months: $67.40
  • Lifetime: $
  • Current Offers:

VRLatina Review: Design and Features

The first thing to note about VRLatina is that there’s no app – all the content must be downloaded from the site and played using a third-party video player. If you’re using a standalone headset like the Oculus Quest, this adds a frustrating extra step before you can access the videos.

It should also be noted how basic the site’s design is. There are few frills here, with minimal extra flourishes and, in many cases, a bit of an amateurish look. The navigation banner at the top of the screen has four sections – Videos, Girls, Help and Dashboard.

The ‘help’ section is a single page with basic instructions on how to play VR content on Oculus and HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Samsung GearVR and Google Cardboard. Although the homepage proclaims support for Google Daydream, there’s no instructions on that page. Luckily, it’s not especially hard to figure out, but the site could have been more helpful.

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The ‘dashboard’ section offers little more than the ability to change your membership plan and login credentials. It also shows a list of your recently-downloaded scenes.

vrlatina dash 2

The other options on the nav bar – ‘videos’ and ‘girls’ – are about as close as the site comes to having a filter system. The ‘Girls’ tab takes you to a simple grid-based list of all of the site’s female performers – there was only 42 in total at the time of review. Clicking on a performer’s picture takes you through to a page with a fleetingly brief bio consisting of a photo, her height and a very short description, as well as a list of all the videos she’s appeared in.

Alternatively, the ‘videos’ tab shows you a complete list of the site’s content, which you can sort by newest content or by ‘top rated’ – although given that the site has no obvious ability to rate videos, we’re assuming this is based on number of downloads.

For now, that’s as far as the filtering options go, but there’s clearly the bones of a more in-depth system here. Every video listing includes a number of tags, including keywords like ‘big ass’, ‘blowjob’, ‘missionary’, et cetera. Clicking any of these tags takes you through to a tag page listing all of the videos containing that tag, but these pages are broken and unfinished.

Below each video are buttons supposedly allowing users to purchase it for various VR platforms, but these simply take you back to the top of the page. Ditto with the in-page advertisements promising “streaming VR Porn-In-browser or direct to your favorite app”. These also contain placeholder text, indicating that this element of the site is still under construction – or has been abandoned altogether. We’ll update here when we find out which it is.

Screenshot 20190706 214001

VRLatina Review: Content

The kind of content that VRLatina specialises in should be self-evident, and as you’d expect from a niche site, the selection of scenes on offer can’t match up to larger and more varied rivals. Even bearing these limitations in mind, though, the variety of content available is disappoint. At time of writing, the 118 performers have produced 228 scenes. New scenes are added every five days, with the site’s staff promising to up this to two scenes per week in the near future — though this has now been hampered somewhat by the pandemic.

On top of that selection, the content itself tends to be rather same-y too. Anyone hoping for anything more exotic than a handful of different positions and the occasional two-girl scene will be out of luck here, and you can forget about indulging any kinks or fetishes beyond the obvious preference for Latina women.

We should also point out that the site only features two male performers, so if you prefer a bit of variety on that side of the equation, you’ll have even less choice. All of the dialogue is in Spanish – this is understandable given the site’s focus, but it means all narrative and context will go over the heads of non Spanish-speaking viewers. Another point to note is that virtually all of the performers are relatively inexperienced – indeed, for many, it’s their first time in front of the camera. This doesn’t do much to help the somewhat amateurish feel of the site’s content, and many of the scenes feel slightly awkward.

The technical quality of the scenes is acceptable, but not outstanding; all scenes are shot in 60fps with a 180-degree field of view. Newer scenes have a maximum resolution of 5K – although this level of quality has only been available since February this year, with a total of 22 5K scenes. Everything prior to that is 4K-only. There’s also no support for any interactivity via teledildonic toys, though this could be added in the future.

Files sizes are a little on the large side, however – smartphone videos clock in at between 3GB and 5GB, with Oculus GO videos weighing in at as much as 10GB, which is a bit overkill. This could prove an issue for users who are short on storage space, and it also means that anyone using a low-speed internet connection may have to wait quite a while for the files to download in the first place.

vrlatina screen

VR Latina review: Experience

The experience of using VRLatina is an intermittently frustrating one. If you’ve got any kind of specific preference outside of the broad category of ‘latina women’, the lack of filtering makes finding something to suit your taste a bit of a chore.

On top of that, the lack of a purpose-built app means that you’ll have to download your chosen video – which may take some time, depending on your connection speed – then download a third-party video player and load the scene into it before enjoying – all of which adds fiddly and irritating extra steps over the relatively simple experience of using sites such as VRBangers, SexLikeReal or BaDoinkVR.

SexLikeReal is a particularly apt comparison, as VRLatina’s content is also available through that service, offering a much easier and more convenient way of consuming it. It also allows you to buy individual scenes, a functionality which VRLatina lacks, beyond the 1 Download Trial available.

vrlatina dash

VRLatina Review: Pricing and Membership Details

One area where VRLatina does have a distinct advantage over SexLikeReal and many other sites though: its pricing. While SexLikeReal charges $30 per month for its premium tier, VRLatina is half the price at $15 per month. The savings get even better if you pay upfront for a longer membership.

  • $2.99 1 Scene Download Trial
  • $14.99 Per Month
  • $24.99 For 3 Months ($8.33 P/M)
  • $67.49 For 1 Year ($5.62 P/M)

Of course, it needs to be affordable, as you’re getting significantly less bang for your buck (no pun intended) than with other sites. A catalogue of less than 100 videos is definitely on the smaller side, but not the smallest niche catalog out there by any means.

VRLatina Review: Overall

Unless you exclusively want your VR porn to star Latina women, there really isn’t any reason to pay for a VRLatina membership. Even then, you’d be better-served with a membership to a more general site, as they’ll likely still have more content than the relatively small number of scenes offered by VRLatina itself.

Even if you could get past the somewhat amateurish design of the website, the inconvenience of accessing and playing the content, the lack of filters and the comparatively small selection, the content itself isn’t good enough to justify all the drawbacks. The relative inexperience of the performers is evident, as is the small budget for sets and locations. There simply isn’t enough here to justify the price of a subscription, even one as comparatively cheap as the year-long $6 per month offer.

VRLatina is designed purely to appeal to a certain niche, and with promises of more frequent updates and new features on the way, it’s a site moving in the right direction.

However, right now, if Latinas are your preference, it’s probably better to grab the scenes via SexLikeReal, if for nothing other than the superior ease-of-use.

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