RealDoll’s revamped and renamed its social media platform for robot lovers

Club RealDoll is no more. But there's a new better version called RealDoll VIP.
realdoll vip is the new name for club realdoll

Abyss Creations, the US company behind the RealDoll sex robot range, has re-launched its customer and sex robot admirer community platform, Club RealDoll, to create a sex robot-specific social media site, of sorts.

Club RealDoll, the online community for RealDoll owners and admirers, has been revamped as RealDoll VIP: a private members-only platform that operates similarly to Facebook, except that it comes with a fee.

The appeal of RealDoll VIP seems to lie in providing a dedicated platform for sex robot enthusiasts, allowing them a walled-off online space to interact with each other, rather than providing any particularly innovative functions.

On the platform, you can create a profile using an assumed name, so your real identity is not revealed to other people. Members can send messages and photos to each other, and organize themselves into sub-groups based on interests within the sex robot sphere.

Videos can also be shared, plus there is a bulletin board function for further communication between members. Users have a ‘wall’ on their profile that functions similarly to a Facebook wall, with other users able to post on it.

RealDoll VIP Pricing

RealDoll VIP costs $29.99 for one month membership, which also includes ‘3-Day Early Access to Publicly Promoted Sales’ and ‘1st Dibs on One-of-a-Kind & Factory Second Products’.

A three-month subscription takes the cost down to just below the equivalent of $20 per month (billed as $59.95), and gives subscribers 20% off accessories (up to $1,200).

The annual plan is $12.49 per month, billed as $149.96 per year. On top of the already mentioned features of the other plans, annual subs also get a 15% discount on all products (up to $1,200), an invitation to RealDoll’s Annual Gala, Monthly Live Streaming with RealDoll founder Matt McMullen, Mike Wilson, or other senior staff. Subscriptions of one year also include an annually recurring $300 RealDoll Store Credit that can be used on any purchase over $1,000.

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While the platform might not sound particularly revolutionary, the RealDoll brand has built up a loyal following among sex robot owners and admirers who value privacy regarding their hobby.

While there is much coverage of sex robots in the media, it’s unclear to even an approximate degree how many sex robot owners there are in the world, with most remaining discreet about their purchases.

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