Arcwave Ion stroker brings air tech that promises ‘female orgasms for men’

Arcwave Ion

Arcwave, a new entrant into the market, has announced its first male stroker product, the Ion, promising “female orgasms for men”.

Specifically to this claim, Arcwave uses technology that stimulates the same nerves in the penis that are stimulated in the clitoris, producing a different kind of orgasm, which, the makers say is a lot closer to what a woman feels.

The technology behind Ion is comprehensive, to say the least. At the heart of the ‘female orgasm’ claim is ‘Pleasure Air’, which activates the Pacinian pleasure receptors on the frenulum (where the shaft meets the foreskin, basically) using air pressure. These receptors have the same foetal origins as the female clitoris, and as such, Arcwave claims that the orgasm it creates is more akin to the female experience. It’s not the first time we’ve seen air-based claims in a sex toy, but these have pretty much exclusively been aimed at people with a vulva – the Lelo Sona/Sona Cruise or Lora DiCarlo Baci, for example.

‘Smart Silence’ means that the device only turns on when it detects contact with the skin. This creates a more ‘organic’ experience than trying to find the ‘on’ button, or attempting to insert yourself while it’s already vibrating.

We’ve talked many times on this site about the messy and often fiddly business of cleaning your device. Not so with the Ion, which uses an easy-rinse silicone, and the whole device comes apart easily.

arcwave ion device

Even the charging stand has been rethought to include technology to speed up the drying process, as it recharges.

One thing that we liked (but hope you’ll never need) is that spare parts are all available on the site, in plain sight – to us, that’s the sign of a company that wants to build a relationship with its customers.

Meanwhile, the full set, including charger, and a starter pack of water-based lube is available for pre-order now, slated for a delivery in time for Christmas, but we’ll have a review up on the site in the coming weeks.

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  1. You can not buy a CleanTech sleeve spare part in their shop, nor anywhere else.

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