MysteryVibe claims Legato is the ‘world’s first flexible labia’ vibrator

mysteryvibe legato launch

An innovative new sex toy billed as the “world’s first flexible labia and vulva vibrator” is set to be released by the sextech company MysteryVibe.

The Legato, scheduled to hit the market in January 2023, is designed in a flexible ring shape that can be bent so it matches a shape close to the owner’s vulva. While most vibrating sextech devices have one or two motors, the Legato has four across its segments, delivering vibrations to the labia, vulva and clitoris.

The device is showerproof and will be priced at $199 (pre-orders are currently priced at $149). It is designed with space to allow a penis to pass through it, so it can be used during penetrative sex as well as solo, becoming a high-end cock ring of sorts.

MysteryVibe Legato (Pre-order)
Deliver 360° stimulation all over your labia, vulva & clitoris. For coupled or solo use.
$149.00 $199.00
MysteryVibe claims Legato is the ‘world’s first flexible labia’ vibrator
MysteryVibe’s bendable Legato

Its makers promise “360 degree stimulation all over your labia, vulva and clitoris”, and the Legato’s vibrations can be controlled via a paired app. You can use the 16 pre-set vibration settings or create your own using the MysteryVibe app.

The company has strong form when it comes to bendable sextech devices, having previously released the Crescendo, a vibrator MysteryVibe claimed was the “world’s most advanced vibrator”.

More recently MysteryVibe released the Tenuto 2 (review), a flexible sex toy for couples. The Poco (review), another bendable MysteryVibe product, is a flexible ‘bullet’-style vibrator.

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