Women of Sextech’s virtual Covid-19 conference is on May 2, and it’s free

You still need to register via Eventbrite, though.
Women of Sextech Conference

If there’s one thing that we’re all learning, while the world is temporarily taking a hiatus, is that it’s good to compare notes on how you’re coping.

That’s kind of the premise of this year’s Women of Sextech conference, which promises “to raise awareness and demonstrate the impact of COVID-19 on the intersection of human sexuality and technology.”

Of course, that impact starts with the conference itself, which has moved online – just like most others – arguably making it more accessible than ever.

The all-day event takes place on May 2, and topping the bill is a keynote from MakeLoveNotPorn’s CEO, Cindy Gallop, entitled, “Why The Pandemic Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Sextech“, followed by a live performance from Canadian performer Jacq the Stripper.

Earlier in the day, there’s sessions including Navigating Businesses Through the Pandemic (Lora Dicarlo), Dealing with Inhibition during Online Sex Therapy (not the niche issue it once was – Dr Martha Tara Lee), and even the burning question on everyone’s mind – Are Sex Toys Essential Goods? (Ducky Doolittle). There’s even a guide to maintaining sex for couples stuck in lockdown with their kids.

Although a virtual conference is not quite the same as being there, it does allow for a stellar line-up of speakers who perhaps couldn’t all be in the same place on the same day under other circumstances.

Other sessions, crossing the whole gamut of sextech, include talks on launching a sextech business in isolation, sex work during pandemic, and a fair amount on digital companionship, and moving beyond sex as a reproductive act – all offered by some of the biggest names in women’s sextech, from the comfort of your own home.

The event is free of charge, and starts at 11:00 (EST) / 15:00 (GMT) on Saturday, May 2. Things are scheduled to wrap up around 16:00 (EST) / 20:00 (GMT).

To get access, you can register via Eventbrite. Details of how to join the conference will be sent the day before.

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