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Vibease ‘lipstick’ vibrator responds to (and gives) voice commands

Following the launch of Vibease's first smart vibrator in 2016, the firm now has its sights set firmly on introducing AI to the bedroom - or rather, the ...

MyHixel’s device to ‘treat’ premature ejaculation reaches crowdfunding target earlier than expected

A masturbation device designed to improve men’s sexual stamina has reached its crowdfunding target in just 33 hours. Seville-based startup MyHixel has spent ...

DIY exosuit uses nipple propellers to show when you’re excited (yes, really)

While sextech might seem like something of the 21st century, humans have been creating devices to enhance sexual pleasure for thousands of years. From the ...

Vibrating implant to ‘enhance lovemaking’ brings biohacking and sextech together

An implant inserted near the pelvis to deliver “on-demand” vibrations is in development by American biohacker Rich Lee. Designed for men, the Lovetron9000 ...

‘Hey, Alexa, turn up the vibrations’: Interactivity draws crowds at Venus Berlin

Venus Berlin, the ‘biggest erotic event in Europe’, took place last weekend, bringing more than 250 exhibitors from 40 countries to showcase products currently ...

XConfessions iOS app wants to help couples ‘swipe right’ on sexual fantasies

Indie adult filmmaker Erika Lust has launched an app for couples to discover the sexual fantasies they share. Designed to get couples talking more about ...

Robot brothels: A trend that’s being actively resisted in the US

Houston, Texas, is home to 155 Starbucks shops, 93 owned by the company and 62 licensed to other vendors. But the large Southern metropolis actually has a ...

Oculus Quest VR headset brings interactivity without the wires

Virtual reality (VR) headset manufacturer Oculus has revealed details about its newest device, the Oculus Quest, which it says offers greater freedom of ...

Cunni’s smart oral sex toy aims to close the orgasm gender gap

Cunni, a Hong Kong-based sextech startup, is aiming to close the orgasm gender gap with what it claims is the world’s first smart oral sex toy. It might not ...

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