KinkVR back from the dead thanks to deal with BaDoinkVR

KinkVR back from the dead thanks to deal with BaDoinkVR

If you’ve been paying a weirdly close level of attention to our VR porn roundup list, you’ll have noticed that KinkVR was added to the ‘up next’ section as a review for the future a really, really long time ago.

There’s a good reason we didn’t bother reviewing KinkVR before now that isn’t just sheer laziness: the company stopped releasing new scenes, and as such the pricing at the time wasn’t particularly great value. In short, it didn’t seem like there was a lot of point recommending a site that looked to be on hold (at best) or dead (at worst).

Fast-forward about a year, and KinkVR is back to life (technically, it never went anywhere, there was just a very long gap in releases) under the stewardship of BaDoinkVR.

“When we launched KinkVR, we committed ourselves to continual innovation — in our technology, our storytelling, and our engagement with the audience, “Mike Stabile, spokesperson for KinkVR, said in a statement. “The partnership with BadoinkVR allows us to continue that evolution, and reach the widest possible audience, while producing even more content for fans.”

As part of that partnership, the previous website has been replaced by the same underlying platform as you’ll find across all BaDoink properties – BaDoinkVR, VRCosplayX, 18VR, and BabeVR.

That’s a good thing for KinkVR subscribers – and potential new ones – as it brings across a better set of features, as well as the commitment to release one new scene each week. At the time of writing, there are still only 27 scenes available, but the maximum resolution has already increased from 4K to 5K on the site.

KinkVR has also adopted the same pricing structure as other BaDoink sites, meaning that stumping up for a year up-front costs the equivilant of $7.50 per month, or subscribing on a rolling monthly basis costs $24.95, which is a bit pricey given the current catalog size.

Nonetheless, it’s good news for kink and BDSM fans, as there’s not a whole bunch available in this particular VR niche at the moment.

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