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1 deepfake porn research

Deepfake porn fears: AI-generated faces as realistic as real faces, research finds

Researchers studying artificial intelligence-generated images of human faces have prompted calls for ethical guidelines, as concerns over misuse increases.
3 privacy-guide

Privacy 101: How to keep your browsing and other online activity as private as possible

This online privacy guide provides simple tips, explanations and instructions on how to start understanding your digital activity and the footprints left.
4 onlybans

OnlyBans is a game that mimics OnlyFans to teach about the strict limitations for sex workers on social media

OnlyBans, a game that mimics the sort of overt and covert bans sex workers face on social media - and even some 'adult-only' - platforms.

AI backlash begins: Porn AI community criticized, artists file lawsuit

While AI porn and non-adult artificial intelligence-based image generators hit headlines in 2022, the backlash is already swelling in 2023.
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  • NUM3

    New app helps sex workers alert others about 'dodgy punters'

    Butros K
    June 6, 2016