Naughty America’s virtual strip club finally gets AR right

Naughty America AR

There’s been a bit of an influx of virtual stripper experiences over the last couple of years – whether that’s the launch of iStripper mobile and VR options, or a full-on extra-terrestrial Purple Hazzze or the futuristic Utopia 2089 add-on for VR Paradise – and Naughty America has decided it’s time to get in on the action.

Naughty America’s Strip Club doesn’t require a VR headset – you can view it on a computer or phone instead – and uses real-life professional performers for all the 3D scanning. There’s already a host of ‘big name’ stars on the roster, including Elena Koshka, Alexa Grace, Stephanie West, Scarlett Sage, Emma Hix and a whole bunch more.

Slightly confusingly, there are far more holographic strip scenes available if you’re viewing on a mobile, rather than a laptop/desktop, but access to the whole Strip Show section of the site doesn’t appear in any of the menus.

If you want to access the mobile player directly, you can click here (NSFW) and then select a different performer as you see fit.

naughty america ar selection 1920
You can select different performers, and view from any angle at any time. Screenshot taken on Android phone.

If you’re viewing on a computer, you can watch for about three minutes (if you’re not a Naughty America member) before needing to close and restart, which is a bit of a pain. If you are a member, you get full access to everything for as long as you want – there’s no individual subscription for access to holograms, strippers, 2D porn, or VR scenes, as it’s all rolled into one (thankfully – it would get very expensive otherwise).

If you’re viewing on a mobile, you also have the option of using the strippers in augmented reality (AR) mode. We’ve reviewed Naughty America’s AR efforts a little while back, but there have been significant improvements in both the modelling and the [Web] app functionality.

Elena Koshka Naughty America
Elena Koshka, recognizably. Screenshot taken on desktop.

Most notably, the performers now look like the real people they represent, rather than slightly glitchy animations. There’s audio (from the performers) and music playing now too, both of which you can switch off independently.

You can also now include up to three different scenes/performers in your live environment (there are two in use in the image below), along with being able to set text that also shows up when viewing in AR.

naughty america ar overlay 1920
The stairs in my house are unexpectedly busy.

Whether you’re viewing on a phone or computer, there are pinch to zoom (on the trackpad, if on a computer) controls and the ability to pan around the performer to view from any angle at any point.

For a company that has been flopping around in the AR space in one way or another for over two years, it’s nice to finally see an implementation that mainstream users might actually enjoy using – earlier versions have been too lacking in one way or another to wholeheartedly recommend to anyone other than curious early adopters.

It’s no longer glitchy to place models in your environment, or to scale the size, angle, or even to change the lighting effects.

That said, you’ll need to splash a little cash unless you want to keep re-opening your browser every three minutes. A one month subscription costs $29.95 each month, but that falls to $7.95 per month equivalent if you subscribe for a year.

View Naughty America

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