We-Vibe Chorus review: App and intuitive squeeze remote make for great multi-faceted play



We-Vibe Chorus review: App and intuitive squeeze remote make for great multi-faceted play
We-Vibe Chorus review: App and intuitive squeeze remote make for great multi-faceted play
We-Vibe Chorus review: App and intuitive squeeze remote make for great multi-faceted play
Good choice of vibration settings
Can use it in lots of scenarios
90-mins solid playtime
Intuitive app and remote interface

The We-Vibe Chorus is a ‘C’-shaped internal vibrator made for G-spot and clitoral stimulation for people with vulvas and can be worn in a multitude of scenarios that this review will explore.

We-Vibe is a world-leading brand for both solo and couple pleasure products, that works with engineers and industrial designers, along sexual wellness experts. The Chorus is $189.00 which means that it’s in a very similar price range to other innovative vibrating G-spot stimulation sex toys like the We-Vibe Sync, Lelo Tiani Duo, and the Lelo Ida Wave.

Let’s see how it measures up.



Design & Functionality

An intuitive squeeze

Designed with body-responsive technology for the hi-tech gear sex-enthusiasts out there; and, specifically for couples play, the product comes boxed with a separate ‘squeeze’ remote control for partner-play, discrete charging dock which simultaneously charges both the vibrator and the remote, sachet of lube, ‘couples playbook’ and access to the high production-value We-Vibe app (found on Google Play and App Store).

Made from smooth, body-safe silicone, the Chorus is bendy and adjustable which means it can be easily slipped inside the users’ vagina, whatever your unique body shape. It’s very easy to bend and adjust, and the 2.5-inch insertable bulb stays in position once it’s inside.

The squeeze remote can be used by a partner to flip through each of the 10 vibration modes – ‘Low’, ‘Medium’, ‘High’, ‘Pulse’, ‘Wave’, ‘Ultra’, ‘Echo’, ‘Tide’, ‘Surf’ and ‘Crest’ – as well as change their intensity. The tighter it’s squeezed, the stronger the vibes get, and then as the grip on the remotes is released, the vibes reduce in intensity.

The Chorus also has additional touch-sensitive receptors located beneath the We-Vibe logo, which means that as you play, your movements control the vibrations across three ‘touch-sense’ modes.


We-Vibe Chorus In Action

Solo, duo, trio

I recently tried out the Chorus in three different scenarios.

Scenario #1: Solo play

After unboxing and charging my Chorus, I followed the instructions in the booklet to power on and connect the device to both the squeeze remote and the app. It took many attempts to get all three connected and I noticed myself feeling frustrated rather than sexy. So I dimmed the lights even further, closed my eyes and conjured up some memories of recent sexual encounters. Soon I’d got myself into the mood, squirted a little lube onto the bulb-end of the Chorus and slipped it inside me.

I really enjoyed clicking through all of the different vibration patterns and gasped and giggled when I felt the simultaneous combo of rumble and vibrations on the ‘Echo’, ‘Tide’, ‘Surf’ and ‘Crest’ settings.

It’s not always easy to put new physical sensations in words but I can best describe these settings as rhythmic up and down wave patterns running concurrently with side-to-side wave patterns which have a different speed and intensity. This meant I was feeling both intrigued and very aroused.

I spent some time swiping through the different play modes in the app and liked how smoothly I could transition from a low rumble to intense vibration and back again.

Scenario #2: Pre-scheduled long-distance throuple (F/M/F) play

As a ‘unicorn’ in a long-distance throuple situation, I thought it would be really sexy and fun to watch them (F/M) touch each other at theirs, while I watched over Zoom from hundreds of miles away while playing with the Chorus.

My partners and I voice messaged back and forth to find an evening when we were all free and put a date in the diary. I sent them information about the product and they went on to the We-Vibe website and followed the link to download the app.

While sipping our drinks and romping around —‍semi-naked and then, inevitably, fully naked—‍ in front of the camera, they clicked on the app a couple of times and requested the control of my Chorus.

They were in charge of my Chorus, for our entire session and it was thrilling to have them manipulate the sensations that I was experiencing in my vagina. The Touch mode on the app allowed them to use their index finger to tap, stroke and rub their phone screen as if they were touching my vulva in real time.

I experienced their touching the interface on the app as bursts of vibrations, all varying in length and intensity depending on the way they chose to apply pressure to their phone screen. It was super satisfying to see them enjoying each other’s bodies and simultaneously receive internal stimulation initiated by them, as if I was in the room with them, too.

Scenarios #3: Spontaneous couple (F/M) play

I was exchanging raunchy texts with a sex friend who lives a short walk away from me. I took a photo of the Chorus and sent it to him along with a voice message where I huskily told him I’d got a new toy. I snapped a pic of me holding the Chorus and grinning. He replied “Go on then, show me.” I sent him a three-second video clip of me, slipping it inside myself, along with a voice message telling him how, actually, if he wanted to, he’d be able to control it from his phone. I sent him the link to download the app and he requested control of my Chorus.

He tapped through all of the modes and settings, while I tried to carry on with the life admin tasks I’d been doing in my flat beforehand. Impossible. He text to say he was walking over. “I want you to be begging for it when you open the door.”

He likes to make me come with his fingers inside me. So he slipped the Chorus out of me, and did his thing. So although the Chorus can’t take credit for that particular series of orgasms, it definitely made me get there faster.


The Verdict

No-orgasm guaranteed

The Chorus is a sophisticated toy which helped me to get my sexy mojo back, after a period of high-stress. It can be introduced to many different kinds of sexy situations and scenarios and encourages enables creative sex play.

What makes the Chorus stand out from lots of vibrating toys on the market is the simultaneous combination of rumble and vibration settings. However, it is a bit hit-and-miss when it comes to connectivity and isn’t necessarily guaranteed to give you an orgasm.

8Expert Score
An Intuitive Toy for Couples

The We-Vibe Chorus, prominently designed to be worn during penetrative sex to provide additional clitoral and G-spot stimulation, can also be used in a variety of ways, including solo, long-distance, and during foreplay. Chorus is adjustable to fit your body and stays in position so you can feel the vibrations on your preferred erogenous zones.

Ease of Use
We Like
  • Good choice of vibration settings
  • Can use it in lots of scenarios
  • 90-mins solid playtime
  • Intuitive app and remote interface
We Dislike
  • Connectivity was a bit hit-and-miss
  • Didn't bring me to orgasm

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