VRBangers is launching VR porn ‘room service’ in Las Vegas (where else?)

vrbangers room service

Virtual reality (VR) headsets pre-loaded with porn are set to become available to be delivered as a highly explicit room service, of sorts, in a series of Las Vegas hotels.

VR porn studio VRBangers [NSFW link] is behind the plan, which will see Oculus Quest 2 headsets, loaded up with VRBangers porn content, delivered to hotel rooms by self-driving robots. The headsets will sanitized between uses and will cost $49.99 per day to hire.

The porn company says it already had a fleet of five self-driving robots working the VR hotel porn rounds in sin city, with many more set to be introduced soon.

VRBangers’ Daniel Abramovich said that the robots were being used to deliver the sets to the hotels, because many hotels were reluctant to collaborate directly with VRBangers and provide the sets as an ‘official’ hotel service.

He said: “We kept on getting refused all the time… we called literally every hotel in Las Vegas and usually got a decline. Some said that don’t want to be associated with porn even though they show 18+ movies on their hotel TV, which is hypocrisy – because what’s the difference, right?”

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VRBangers attempted to trial a VR porn headset hotel service in Las Vegas in 2016, planning to charge $20 per session in a scheme in conjunction with AuraVisor headset company. SEXTECHGUIDE has contacted VRBangers to clarify if that actually happened.

“The idea to use robots is simply flawless and it changed everything”

VRBangers CEO Daniel Abramovich

Speaking of the new launch, Abramovich added: “The idea to use robots is simply flawless and it changed everything. Hotel rooms no longer have to store our VR porn, the service becomes completely voluntary, and still you can have your favourite VR sex scenes delivered right to your hotel room if you don’t have your VR headset around.”

While the Vegas VR hotel porn room service initiative may seem a little gimmicky, it’s another indicator of the growing popularity of VR porn, which some industry-watchers believe will become the dominating format in the porn industry.

In 2021 a survey by market research firm CSS Insight found that more than two thirds of VR headset users in the UK and US have used their devices to watch porn.

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