Who’s who in sextech: 40 essential follows for your social feeds

40 to follow

Need more sextech opinion, insight and vibrator gifs in your life? SEXTECHGUIDE has compiled a ‘40 to follow in sextech’ list, to help you with that.

Below you’ll find links to some of the social media profiles of people in the sextech industry we think are worth following. You’ll see sextech startup CEOs, disability porn activists and sex-focused virtual reality platform pioneers, among others helping to shunt sextech-related spaces forward.

The list is not a comprehensive run-down of the most important sextech individuals, and is based primarily on who in the related industries is most interesting to follow on social media. Sextech is fast-moving, and we’ll refresh and expand the list with future updates, so please tweet ideas about any other suggestions for the list that we have missed, and we’ll consider them for inclusion.

Before we get started though, you do already follow our social media accounts… right?

Good. Now you’ve done that, we can begin.

Hacking & Function-finding

Kyle Machulis Sextech hacker, buttplug.io

Being the man behind open source sextech teardown site buttplug.io, Machulis runs a go-to site for those wanting to take more control of their sex toys. He’s an enjoyably opinionated and funny tweeter.

Alex Research and Desire tech hacker

The brains behind the BlowJob Trainer, Alex (who only goes by his first name) is part of the hacker teardown team KinkyMakers. He tweets fun behind the scenes photos and videos of teardowns.

Jane Manchun Wong Tech security researcher

Wong is often among the first to discover in-the-works website and app features and make them public. She has no direct link to sextech, but her insights have made her a must-follow for close watchers of functions such as Twitter’s Super Follows, which have implications for sex workers.

Alice Stewart Touchy-Feely Tech co-founder

This creative technologist is also a hardware hacker, founder, educator and funny sextech tweeter. Using her DIY vibrator kit, she aims to bridge the gap between the ​​hardware and sextech communities, and inspire a new generation of pleasure-inspired techies. 

Nadja Keulen Marketing and design at The 5th House

As a queer and non-monogamous sextech fanatic, Keulen often posts about creative pleasure projects using technology. Keulen was part of the winning group at the 2021 Rainbows End Sex Tech Hackathon, with the fingering product Tentilex

Tigris Li Data Romantics technologist

What if we used science to hack our love lives? Creative technologist and 3D Motion designer Li is paving new foundations for the digital romance space with her experimental dating lab. She posts about the intersections between art, love, and tech. 

Toys and products

Anna Lee Lioness vibrators co-founder

One of the founders of Lioness, creators of the first vibrator with biofeedback capability, Lee is smashing TikTok. Her videos about topics such as squirting have earned her hundreds of thousands of followers.

Alexandra Fine Dame Products co-founder and sexologist

As a co-founder of Williamsburgh-based sextech company Dame Products, Fine has a reputation for making innovative sex toys. In 2021 the company made a mark on societal acceptance of sextech, having a lawsuit against New York’s Metropolitan Transport Authority settled and becoming the first sex toy company allowed to advertise on the city’s subway.

Step Tranovich Cute Little Fuckers creator

Tranovich started sextech company Cute Little Fuckers after being forced out of work due to illness. They made a success out of his company’s delightfully odd cute monster-style sex gender-inclusive toys, and as well as those tweets about things like building a self-playing guitar.

Ti Chang Founder of Crave

This feminist industrial designer works at the intersection of design and activism. She designed the famous Vesper: a wearable vibrator necklace that has become a statement piece across the sextech space.

Suki Dunham OhMiBod founder

As founder of sex toy company OhMiBod, Dunham is at the forefront of the sextech industry thanks to products such as their Bluetooth-enabled vibrating couples ring, the Bluemotion Nex 3. An infrequent tweeter, Dunham is still worth following for interesting research and event links, as well as her own insights.

Lora Haddock DiCarlo Founder, Lora DiCarlo

The Lora DiCarlo sex toy company has been influential in making sextech more accepted in the wider tech industries, largely thanks to its founder’s tenasciousness. In 2017 the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) gave an innovation award to Lora DiCarlo, then retracted it, then reinstated it. DiCarlo tweets about breaking boundaries such as these.

Raven Faber EngErotics founder

Leading the cannabis and sextech conversation, Faber is here to destigmatize vibrators and CBD lubricants for enhancing pleasure. She tweets about the difficulties of running a Black female-owned pleasure business.

Ethical Porn & Social Sex

Cindy Gallop MakeLoveNotPorn founder

A prolific tweeter, Gallop uses social media to promote the main principle behind her explicit social video sharing platform MakeLoveNotPorn, a platform that’s “Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference,” Gallop says.

Lilly Sparks Afterglow founder

By founding Afterglow, an ‘ethical’ porn platform that’s as much about sex resources as it is tittilation, Sparks has helped push the porn industry into a more positive, less seedy space. She’s a funny, personable tweeter.

Shine Louise Houston Pink Label TV

Self-described “voyeur with a production company”, Houston also presents the San Francisco Porn Film Festival. Houston is a changemaker in the space as a Black lesbian film director, leading the industry with LGBTQ+ films and inspiring a plethora of queer-positive porn platforms. Superb cat content on Insta, too.


Andrew Gurza Bump’n co-founder and activist

A porn performer and co-founder of Bump’n, which creates sextech aids for people with disabilities, Australian Gurza wear many hats well. On social media Gurza regularly addresses social issues beyond those related to sex.

Laila Mickelwait Anti-Pornhub activist

You might not agree with the Justice Defense Fund founder’s views on porn and sex work, but Mickelwait is an influential voice on the controversies around Pornhub, plus the legal and ethical reckoning much of the wider online porn industry is going through.


Kenneth Play Online sex coach

Kenneth Play overcame insecurity and not having an enormous cock and created the Sex Hacker Pro digital course, teaching men how to (ethically and consentually) ‘hack’ pleasure in their partners. He’s experimented with things like squirting in VR, and although he mainly retweets rather than tweets, he’s worth following to follow what his next sex adventure is.

Bryony Cole Sextech School founder

Cole started Sextech School as a course advising those in the sextech industry or looking to join, to rave reviews. A podcaster and public speaker as well as a prolific tweeter, she’s become a big voice in the sextech industry.

Ellie Armstrong Space and sextech academic

Space academic Armstrong was part of the Rainbow’s End sextech Hackathon in 2021 with her group project Exo-Moan. She posts fascinating space science and anti-colonial theories and is also worth following in the hope of tidbits from the group’s ongoing work on Interplanetary Pleasures.

Laura Johnsen Researcher and podcast host

As well as co-hosting the sex education podcast Mindful Sex Ed, Johnsen is studying sextech for an anthropological PhD. She posts regularly about the latest industry events, articles, and interviews.

Adult VR

Angelina Aleksandrovich Raspberry Dream Land founder

A social VR space based on uncensored sexual freedom, Raspberry Dream Land is a niche but fascinating metaverse project. Following founder Aleksandrovich’s Twitter feed is the best way to keep up with its innovations.


Whitney Wolfe Herd Bumble founder

Having originally been part of team Tinder, Wolfe Herd went on to found Bumble in 2014. As well as dating apps she tweets about women in business, workplace and social justice issues.

Renate Nyborg Tinder CEO

In 2021 Nyborg was appointed Tinder’s first female CEO. She’s talked about attempting to improve safety and inclusivity on the app, as it attempts to attract more Gen Z users.

Elizabeth Dell Amorous app founder

Having founded couples’ intimacy app Amorous, Dell is leading the way in romance tech, posting about the latest updates from her app and how exciting it is to be a founder in this nascent space. Follow for relationship tips, workshops and industry event information.

Sex robots

Matt McMullen RealDoll sex robot CEO

We’re cheating here because the CEO of Abyss Creations, makers of the RealDoll sex robots, doesn’t seem to be personally active on social media. However, his company’s Instagram page is often the first place for RealDoll updates and new McMullen video insights.

Kate Devlin Artificial intelligence academic

The digital humanities lecturer at King’s College London is one of the most insightful and clear-eyed sex robot experts in the UK, with a firm eye on artificial intelligence (AI). She rote more than 140 characters in her 2018 book Turned on: Science, Sex and Robots.

Simon Dubé Erobotics expert

A Psychology PhD candidate at Canada’s Concordia University, Dubé researches what he calls erobotics: the study of human-machine erotic interaction and co-evolution. He tweets about his strong views about sex in space.

Brick Dollbanger Sex robot enthusiast

Firing out extremely NSFW sex doll photos and videos on Twitter and Instagram, Mr Dollbanger is a RealDoll enthusiast and spokesperson of sorts. He’s on OnlyFans, as well as the similarly NSFW Brickdollbanger.com.

Davecat Sex robot harem owner

Perhaps the world’s most enthusiastic sex robot advocate, and certainly the most open, Davecat Twitter hosts links to his robots’ own Twitter profiles.


Oli Lipski Sextech writer and researcher

A member of The Bisexual Research Group, Lipski is a regular SEXTECHGUIDE contributor and a public speaker. Her Twitter feed is a hub of sextech developments, writing and research.

Jenna Owsianik Futureofsex.net co-founder

Owsianik posts about sextech news and interviews, with hot takes on what the future of sex will be like.

M.Christian Columnist and sci-fi erotica writer

As a columnist M.Christian provides insights into the future of human sex and sexuality, and also posts about their sci-fi erotica, BDSM education and queer politics.


Andrea Barrica Author and O.School founder

The queer Filippino-American author of Sextech Revolution: Future of Sexual Wellness, and founder of the O.School sex education platform, is changing the industry with better resources and contributing to building sexual wellness tech businesses. She tweets about politics that impact sexual autonomy.

Cameron Glover Sex business coach

Sex educator turned ‘business oracle’, Glover is now educating people on how to run a business, specifically within sex and sextech.

Rocio Polayio Hablemos SexTech founder

Having over 25 years of experience in tech, Polayo founded the Spanish-led sex technology agency Hablemos SexTech. She tweets in Spanish about the science behind sex, along with tech innovations.

Lex Gillon Modality Group founder

Leading the way for data-driven sex research for sextech businesses, Gillon regularly talks on panels, hosts interviews, and posts about the latest market insights.

Ola Miedzyńska SxTech EU chief

The person behind the annual retail-focused SxTech EU conference, Miedzyńska is worth following to keep up to speed on innovative sextech startups linked to the event and its innovation competitions.

Heather Montgomery Social platform founder 

Creator of the sex-positive social platform PleazeMe, Montgomery often posts about industry-based events, collaborations with other adult educators, and how to monetize sextech content despite rife censorship.

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  1. Was following everyone on this list and realized a couple of links needed updating. Here they are:
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    Hablemos SexTech Twitter – https://twitter.com/hablemossextech

    • Hi Elizabeth, we appreciate you pointing this out. The links you mentioned have been updated now, and should indeed point to the correct people. Our readers such as you are, as ever, our greatest asset.

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